H2 Caps with Fullerene C 60 - Your daily dose of nutrients, hydrogen and energy
H2 Caps with Fullerene C 60 - Your daily dose of nutrients, hydrogen and energy
H2 Caps with Fullerene C 60 - Your daily dose of nutrients, hydrogen and energy

H2 Caps with Fullerene C 60 - Your daily dose of nutrients, hydrogen and energy

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H2 Caps with Fullerene C 60 - Your daily dose of nutrients, hydrogen and energy.
The world's most effective hydrogen "tablets" in capsule form, offer you direct access to a direct supply and new energy through the hydrogen water produced in the stomach.
Our ReCure H2 Caps provide you with natural nutrients. They contain, among other things:

Trimagnesium DicitrateThis
form of magnesium has the highest proportion of pure magnesium possible (approx. 16% pure magnesium) and the highest absorption capacity by the body (bioavailability)


(See Lindberg J.S., et al. (1990): Magnesium bioavailability from magnesium citrate and magnesium oxide. J. Am. Coll. Nutr. 9, 48-55.)

contributes to the maintenance of normal bones


Hydrogen capsules contain highly purified calcium in exact proportion to magnesium.

most important role potassium plays in the transmission of electrical impulses to muscle or nerve cells
Potassium is also responsible for the activity of the heart muscle as well as the regulation of body fluids.

Vitamin D3Vitamin
D3 synchronizes, among other things, the distribution of magnesium and calcium ratio
Vitamin D3 contributes to the normal absorption/distribution of calcium and phosphorus, as well as to the maintenance of normal bonesSodium hydrogen carbonateAmong other things,

sodium hydrogen carbonate is responsible for the formation of hydrogen in the stomach. This brings the minerals directly into the cells.

be the most powerful antioxidant in the world, locking in free radicals. According to our own measurements, this fullerene increases the power of hydrogen by a factor of 5.

Fullerene C60 are scavengers of free radicals:

The fullerene has a positive charge. Thus, the fullerene C60 attracts the negatively charged oxidative free radicals and neutralize them. However, the fullerene itself does not bond with the free radical.

A reduction in oxidative free radicals may be responsible for the significant increase in lifespan and vitality. This has been observed in scientific studies.

In addition to the good ingredients, enjoy other advantages of ReCure Hydrogen Capsules

  • No volatilization of hydrogen during preparation
  • No annoying aftertaste
  • Easy and quick preparation at any time

Intake amount and recommended daily dose
:It is recommended to take 4 capsules per day to obtain the recommended amount of minerals at the recommended daily dose, which contributes to the normal absorption of minerals.

Contents:250 mg DiMagnesium Trizitrate 120 mg Calcium, Potassium 4.8mg, Fullerene C60 4.5 mg, Vitamin C 15 mg, Vitamin D3 9 mg, Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate 7.3 mgReCure

H2 Caps is a registered dietary supplement and not a medicine


If you have any medical conditions or health questions, please consult a physician or pharmacist.

Our ReCure H2 capsules yield in the stomach 1 gr H2 ( the correct unit of mass) per tablet and per day this results in an amount of 4 mg, H2 available in the body, which by the addition of fullerene C 60 a 4-5 fold antioxidant effect.

Taking it regularly will give the effect that our customers tell us about.

What is the difference between the H2 tablets that can often be bought on the internet and our H2 capsules?

Generally, tablets are offered that are made of metallic magnesium and with some ingredients that are not always included in the list of approved ingredients of food supplements.

Besides, the manufacturers of the self-proclaimed brands commonly used here, such as Dr Mercola, H2 Elite, Hydronade, Activ H2 Ultra or even Karstadt's Hydrotabs are all the same, namely Alex Taverna from the USA.

We will not join the improper and competitively flimsy statements that advertise up to 20 ppm H2 per effervescent tablet, which after trials and tests is a lie, as only with 1 Ltr of water the comparison can be made,

All of them contain 80 mg of magnesium. The same tablets that a Mr. Karstädt advertises with up to 20 ppm per tablet, is published at the Aquacentrum 1.6 ppm / Ltr.

The best therapy is natural food

Enrich the "nutrition" of your cell with the ReCure H2 Caps with hydrogen, fullerene C 60.

Provide yourself additionally with natural and high-quality nutrients. Reduce fatigue and exhaustion with ReCure H2 Caps. Support your tooth and bone structure. Normalize and optimize many functions of your body:

  • Energy metabolism
  • The function of the nervous system
  • Muscle function
  • Protein synthesis
  • The electrolyte balance
  • Cell division

Visit our homepage: https://www.recure.com.de/recure-h2-caps

For current research, visit the Natural Medicine Hydrogen Brown's Gas Association and read members' experiences with hydrogen tablets.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Daniel Kraus
Tolle Wirkung!

Ich habe die Kapseln 3 Wochen lang eingenommen und schon einen unterschied gespürt! Ich bin viel fitter als vorher.

Sonja Ochmann
H2-Wasserstoff mit Fulleren C60

Die H2-Wasserstoffkapseln sind nur gut , diese Kapseln , mit dem Fullerenstoff , haben mich vor einer anstehenden Knie-OP gerettet , und meinen Katzen tun die Kapseln in kleineren Mengen auch gut !!! Ich möchte diese H2-Kapseln nicht mehr missen !!!


Harry P aus Bremen Vom Wassertrinken mit den H2 Cabs nehme ich eine mentale Klarheit sowie frische wahr. Desweiteren ist mir aufgefallen, dass mich der ganz un(natürliche) Alltagsstress viel weniger auf mich einwirkt. Der Geschmack ist nicht zu merken, im Gegensatz zu den anderen Brausetabletten,, diese sind etwas unangenehm, wie Dr Mercola oder Hydronade ( brr)


Danke, seitdem ich die Kapseln nehme, bin ich einfach besser drauf

Unsere bisherigen Kunden sind bereits überzeugt!


Liebes ReCuremed Team, danke für die schnelle Lieferung des MegaBoosters, wir haben ihn direkt ausprobiert, er sieht wirklich gut aus und seitdem wir das Wasser trinken, fühlen wir uns besser. Kann es sein, dass die Haut auch dann besser aussieht?


Super Kontakt bei Fragen und Lieferung wie geplant! Unser Gerät ist wirklich top, gerne wieder!